Tuesday, March 14, 2017


A little known play by Shakesmeare whose time seems to have finally come.

Act IV, Scene IV: McDrumpf digs up his father's skull to consult it on how best to handle his upcoming meeting with the Great Merkel of Bavaria & Denmark

McDrumpf: Act III-Scene I: Soliloquy.
As he sits on the ceramic throne, yes, that ceramic throne… contemplating.

I made it. Yes, Dad, I made it. I made it.
I’m being watched all the time, even when I'm not on TV.
They have even tapped my wires, I know. Breitbart said they did. 
And they put cameras in my microwaves, just as Kellyanne said they would. 
This is just sick. All of it. Sick and sad. Yet, I’m glad.
I’m glad, Dad. And I have to shtweet about it. I just did.
If you didn’t hear it, Dad, you will soon smell it. And I’ll keep dealing.
Oh, of all the shenanigans in the world, I just had to run for president.
And fate, stupid vainglorious fate, - vainglorious, see I know good words, -
just had to let me win. Yet, you should’ve seen me at the inauguration, Dad.
Millions, yes millions, I saw them. Millions of little insignificant shits
hailed me and hang on my every word. I scared the bejesus out of them.
The bejesus. But wait, does that mean they’re all Moslems now, Dad? Whatever!
There will be no golden showers for a while for this sly old dog of yours.
I have to be careful now, even as I open the gates of the White House wide
to let in the rest of the Klan. Because I can, Dad. Because I can.
© Ammar Abdulhamid , 2017

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